About the Event

“JaFirst Fan Meeting Switzerland” is an event for Ja and First, two Thai actors, to meet their fans in Switzerland and Europe during one day.

Chalongrat Novsamrong, nicknamed First, is a Thai actor who debuted in 2018 through the Thai Pop group “Cute Chef”.

Phachara Suansri, nicknamed Ja, is a Thai actor who made his acting debut in 2018 through the TV series project “Beauty Boy The Series”.

JaFirst got their first support role together in 2020 in “TharnType The Series Season 2” and became the main role in “CloseFriend” Mini MV Series Project.

Recents TV series “Don’t Say No The Series” in 2021 JaFirst became the main lead couple and getting noticing by the fans after all.

With JaFirst Fan Meeting in Switzerland, the event will be in Thai, English and French